Firstly, welcome to The Young Pros. If you’ve made it this far, you’ll probably  have a feel for what this blog is about, but if not, here’s the rundown…

As a young professional myself, I enjoy hearing about the experiences and successes of my peers, those people who, like me, are just venturing into the world of professional working life. I was tired of reading about the ’30 under 30,’ the 0.001%’ers and the teenage CEO’s – I wanted to read more about those who were like me – the apprentices, the graduates and the interns who were on the ground learning as they stumbled into the real world of work.

I was also really bored of seeing those click-bait type articles online. The articles aimed at young 20-somethings, claiming to have the ultimate guide for becoming a CEO overnight – promising ‘game changing life-hacks’ and ‘business brain-resets.’

I spent a bit of time online trying to find a blog/social media page/online magazine which fitted the bill of what I wanted to read and honestly, I couldn’t find it. (By my own admissions, I’m pretty lazy and probably didn’t look that hard)

So I thought ‘Screw it! I’ll just make my own blog.’

There’s no need to panic though, this blog won’t just be me rambling on. We’re going to be bringing together a range of young professionals from across the country to share their ideas, knowledge and experiences too!

The ultimate aim here? To create a collaborative online community for young professionals to learn, grow and enjoy through the ideas and successes of each other.